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Support For Kenya East Africa Women's Initiative

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Please accept our thanks and sincere appreciation for your support of the Kenya East Africa Jurisdiction Department of Women Initiatives.  It is because of your partnership and financial support during the 2016 International Women’s Convention Crusade, and your continual prayers and support throughout the year that this ministry is a blessing to the children and people of Kenya East Africa.


We want to share with you some of the goals that were reached because of YOUR support!  This is not an all-inclusive list, however we certainly want to highlight numerous items.  We urge you to please visit our jurisdictional website at for a full report of all our initiatives, and to learn more about our organization.  This ministry is thriving and meeting the needs of God’s people because of YOU! 


Over the past year, the Kenya East Africa Jurisdiction Department of Women was successful in the following initiatives:


  1. Participated in a ground-breaking celebration and dedication service for the first Church of God In Christ Clinic in Bondo, Kenya;

  2. Provided medication, medical equipment and installed computers & software for patient record keeping;

  3. United in partnership with a Kenya physician to treat the medical needs of the orphans;

  4. Provided financial assistance to Shadow Mountain Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya, and distributed over 200 pairs of shoes, along with clothing and food;

  5. Held a Leadership Conference, Women’s Conference and Organizational Women’s Meeting in Kisii, Kenya;

  6. Purchased and distributed countless Bibles in various languages to Kenyan women;

  7. Financially supported and provided Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and Christmas gifts for the children of the orphanages;

  8. Financially sponsored Christmas dinner for seniors and widows in Kenya; and

  9. Empowered a total of 71 women to establish business endeavors in farming, soap creation,    bead work, tents and chair rental businesses.  Our goal is to contribute and allow God’s people to experience self-substantiality, in exchange they will be a blessing to others. 


We are excited about our upcoming projects for the International Women’s Convention Crusade in Orlando, Florida, May 29- June 2, 2017.This year, we are asking for your support again, that we may continue the work of The Lord!As a special thank you, everyone who donates to Kenya East Africa Department of Women will receive a .These are great spiritual gifts for yourself, members of your family, and even your church mother!By the first day of the convention, the shawls will be prayed over by saintly mothers of the church, and anointed during the Pre-Convention Consecration Service.


During your attendance at the International Women’s Convention Crusade in Orlando, you will certainly want to stop by our booth and pick up your shawl.


Additionally, we are requesting partners to help support the “I Hear Music in the Air” Special Project.  KEADW will donate a Full 88 Key Weighted CASIO Keyboard shipped directly to the first 20 ministries or persons who sign up to make a monthly donation of $100.00, $250.00 or $500.00 for a  minimum of one year to help aid our initiatives. 

If you like your gift restricted to a

specific project please indicate upon checkout.

Thank you!  

Support For Kenya East Africa Women's Initiative

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