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 Our Trip to Africa 

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Our Walk-A-Thon Event

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Ongoing Sustainability Projects

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~ Supervisor Carter Addressing The Women of Africa ~

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We have started 18 women on the chicken farming project. We have also started Joy Valley orphanage with a larger project with 250 chickens providing eggs for the market, 30 pigs and 13 ducks.  We funded the building of the coop to house up to 500 animals. 


We also began the building of our first clinic in Bondo, Kenya. It will be a small 3 room facility to care for the routine needs of children.   


Supervisor Valerie Daniels-Carter

I wrote a book called "All About Me" - A book to help kids stand up for themselves and others too! When I learned that there were kids my age who didn't have as many blessing and opportunities as kids do in America. I and want to help! I am donating $3 from your $13 book purchase to the Kenya East Africa Jurisdiction. Your donation will be will be used to help the women and children of the Kenya East Africa Jurisdiction. This non-profit organization is leading a dedicated mission to help the underprivileged women and children of Africa with sustainability projects. Here's how you can help. Click HERE on this link to donate to Kenya today!

 I am donating to help the children of Kenya!  


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10 year old Ivana Carrington

Ongoing Sustainability Projects (Continued)​


On February 14, 2016 a "special request" of the pastor(s) and members of the Kenya East Jurisdiction voted unanimously as it pertains to the naming of future health clinic as initiated by Pastor Hared in a most heartfelt letter shown below.


"In recognition of all the years that Bishop Ivery worked tirelessly to aid the children in Kenya, I feel it proper to name this clinic the Bishop Jerry L. Ivery Health Clinic."

Pastor Hared, 
"Thank you for you continued commitment to developing this facility. " 

The Future Bishop Jerry L. Ivery Health Clinic ​

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114 Women in the H&M Empowerment Initiative

at their Funding Meeting

October 2017

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The poultry farm project has been named, "The H&M Empowerment Initiative ( Hildah and Mary),"  

sponsored by the Kenya East Africa Department of Women. 

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